Monday, May 21, 2018


The city of Yaxha (blue-green water) is located on a ridge overlooking a lake of the same name in the lowlands of Guatemala. The city and its environs encompassed 92 miles, with a population of approximately 42,000. Although, that was around 350 BC - 250 AD.

The ruins include at least 500 structures linked by hidden causeways. You'll discover 40 mysterious stelae if you forage with a fine tooth comb. Other stats include: 13 alters, 9 temples, and 2 ball courts. If you're like me, you'll remember these Mayan ruins from the T.V. show Survivor. The cast and crew filmed inside the park. No joke!

We didn't see any jaguar, but we did see turkeys. 

I wonder how many people can say they had a picnic in front of a Mayan ruin? 

Tiny critters. 

Epic stairways. 

(You can see how the jungle grows over the temples like a vertical garden)

Uff da. 

There was a panoramic view from the top. Plus, we were smack dab in the middle of howler monkey American Idol try outs. 

My husband climbed this one, but not me. 

A spectacular plaza with a view. It has twin pyramids like Tikal. 

Stelae. If walls could talk.


Smiley face stelae. 

Wow! What a view from the top. 

Yaxha was an adventure from the start - hidden away in deep jungle, with only a ground and pound dirt road for access. But, luckily, I love that kind of thing!

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Clearwater Crush

I didn't establish much of a crush on Clearwater, Florida. But I did receive two icy blue, (free) Clearwater crush cups. A major score. Ha! 
Orlando, (shown above) however, I love. Next year, we're staying in Miami instead of Orlando. So, no exhausting theme park days. And no sunrise views like this.

I will miss the misty, surreal mornings I enjoyed at our rental. 

I'll miss the restaurants and hubbub of Disney Springs too. 

I finally captured a decent mockingbird photo. I love to hear their Florida playlist.

For an exorbitant fee, you can take this sweet ride into the waters surrounding Disney Springs. I settled for a photo.

An unhinged jaw, diabolically laughing at all the money flying out of your pockets. Or something like that. 

After Orlando, we meandered over to Clearwater. It was so cold! Even so, it didn't prevent throngs, wearing thongs, from clogging the sand. Not my scene - even this turtle looked like she was shivering. 

Oranges = Clearwater crush. 

Club Wyndam even has a bowl of oranges in the lobby. I usually don't post photos of our accommodations, but this was free. Happy dance! (My husband's hobby is collecting points and miles) Two free nights and all the oranges we could eat. 

A groovy wicker chair.

A room with a view.

I do have a crush on sunsets.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Lake Peten Itza

While touring the highlights of Guatemala, we stayed in El Remate, a small village on the Eastern shore of Lake Peten Itza. Near by, hidden in the jungle, lie the grand ruins of Tikal - among others. But, there's more to see than Mayan ruins. It's always nice when a place exceeds expectations. The lowland, tropical savanna of the Peten area was beautiful. We enjoyed the simple things, like walks along the shore. Our favorite local destination was this dock. There were many natural delights wading in the weeds.

There were colorful purple gallinules, bobbing among the lily pads. They were so fast, dipping into the water - tails up - that I could barely get a photo.

Dramatic lilies! (and bees)

There were several, lucky green herons floating among the pads. 

So beautiful!

King fishers watched from above.

We walked all the way to the end. 

We were alone...

for awhile.

I wish I could take this walk right now. Sigh. 

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Monday, April 30, 2018

The Woods

We picked up a major score while shed hunting in the Wisconsin woods last weekend. A pair of antlers from a 4-5 year old deer. Probably male. Ha! 

I felt compelled to add this unflattering photograph of moi for size and scale. Not my size, however - (I look like a plump pumpkin) the size of my rack. 

Hmmm. Wait a minute. The size of the rack in hand!

The grave marker for our cat baby.

We were being watched. I love this photo.

A tick check. My husband found two. Luckily, I didn't find any...yet.

On top of the ridge. 

A creepy spine. We found two crime scenes full of matted deer fur.

A fluffy feather. 

A glittery antler!

All in all, we found two huge sheds and three small ones. It was a good day in the woods. 

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